We asked: What are you looking for in an award winning entry?

Don't undersell yourself against bigger players - these awards recognise talent big and small. Highlight the impact of the podcast beyond stats - what's the qualitative? Share your highlights in audio that showcase your creativity

Alison Dance
Communications Professional

Authenticity and originality. I want to learn something new, but feel like I'm part of the conversation when the "aha!" moments happen. Great production and signs of an engaged audience would also tick some happy boxes for me.

Martin Franklin 
Lead Producer, Easy Coast Studio

Best to select content that showcases the podcasts strengths and authenticity!

Gabi Price
Digital Partnerships Manager, ARN iHeart

Show us the power of podcasts: what audio can do that that other mediums can not. Get your message across in a clever, engaging and creative way. Have fun with it! Podcasts are meant to be entertaining.

Johanna McMahon
Assistant Curator, National Film and Sound Archive

Put audio at the start of your entry that strongly represents your show. Think about an 'elevator pitch' and how you got your listener onto your show.

Matthew Fulton
Podcast Producer, Pro Podcast

Choose episodes that show your authentic voice. Highlight what is different and interesting about your podcast, whether it is the relationship between co-hosts or guests, your enthusiasm and/or expertise for the topic matter that you deliver to your audience.

Chery Gladman 
Great Australian Pods