Podcasting is booming, both as a creative medium and as a commercial channel, and it is shaping the national conversation. 

Now in its 8th year, the Australian Podcast Awards champions the people both in front of and behind the microphone, giving creators, producers and platforms the recognition they deserve.

The Awards aims to shine a light on the very best the world of podcasting has to offer across a wide range of topics and formats. Whether you’re part of a major organization or a solo podcaster going it alone, the Australian Podcast Awards is your chance to showcase your skills. 

Our panel of independent expert judges will be looking for the best and brightest the podcast industry has to offer, recognizing those standout shows that elevate the medium and help create an industry that we can all be proud of. 

We’re looking forward to receiving your entries and celebrating the passion and diversity of podcasting with you.


Australia is home to some of the world’s best podcast production. The 2024 Australian Podcast Awards promise to uncover and champion the best talent of the Australian podcasting industry. 

We welcome podcasts big and small to enter and look forward to another year of break-through podcasting content.

Here are a few benefits of entering the Australian Podcast Awards.


Gain more exposure for your show and discover new listeners 


Receive recognition for the hard work you put into making your show the absolute best that it can be


Find amazing new shows to listen to and meet some incredible passionate and like-minded people throughout the process 


Push for excellence in the industry and keep innovation at the forefront


Australia is home to some of the world’s best podcast production. The 2024 Australian Podcast Awards promise to uncover and champion the best talent of the Australian podcasting industry. 

We welcome podcasts big and small to enter and look forward to another year of break-through podcasting content.

Here are a few benefits of entering the Australian Podcast Awards.






To keep the awards fresh and relevant we have continued to evolve our categories this year to ensure, as always, we are representing the full scope of the market. 



Celebrating arts and criticism across all cultures: the podcasts that encourage us to seek out new releases or forgotten classics – through reviews, interviews, discussion... any or none of the above. Outstanding entries in this category will go beyond episode recaps or the typical ‘thumbs up/down’ critiques and give listeners fresh angles on the arts they love, with genuine and passionate presentation or will deeply reflect artistic or cultural subjects in their output.


Inspiring the next generation of CEOs, COOs and other acronyms. You could be showcasing stories of great leadership, or helping listeners make every penny count. As with all our categories, we’re looking for shows that reflect the diversity of ideas, backgrounds and industry in our country. So, the best entries will need to be freshsounding, personable and inclusive.


Can podcasts save the planet? Sure, they can. We think the intimacy and creativity of podcasting makes it perfect for the job. The climate and environmental emergency can be complex, confusing and frankly a bit of a turn off, but podcasts can touch hearts and minds like nothing else. We also think that the podcast industry has so far lagged behind other creative sectors when it comes to sustainable production practices. So, this award is a chance to champion podcasts and production teams who are really making a difference. This award is open to specialist shows in any genre – you don’t have to be specifically about climate change every week to qualify. Put in your best work on the subject. Winners will be able to demonstrate they are changing the conversation. Either through creative, innovative and compelling audio. Or through sustainable production which measures and minimises harm.


Not to be confused with our entertainment category, this is for podcasts that aren’t just funny... but have finely crafted jokes inside. From panel shows to parody, improv to sitcoms and entirely new formats that only podcasts can create. Judges have been instructed to reward the podcast that tickled the jury the most, not necessarily the one that appealed to everyone. Make one judge laugh harder than any of the other entries, and you’ll walk away with the prize. Outstanding entries in this category will be markedly different from the traditional 28’ radio formats, pushing boundaries or reaching listeners beyond those tuning into FM stations We recognise there are different types of comedy: it could be belly laughs, sweet-natured, angry or timely satire, just plain surreal... all are welcome.


Documentaries take listeners into new worlds and experiences through real people, places, and events. But it's not just about providing facts; we're interested in how producers weave them into an overall narrative that's compelling as well as truthful. Outstanding entries in this category will combine excellent scripted narration with field recordings and interviews, sophisticated editing and sound design, all to achieve the most natural, accessible storytelling.


Acknowledging the important role podcasts now play in education - whether you’re teaching a language, providing self help courses or improving your industry’s professional skills. Outstanding entries in this category will demonstrate the techniques and production skills needed to teach effectively, and show how their compilation extends to a well structured series of lessons for listeners.


Incorporating music shows, funny people, magazine formats, true storytelling shows and chat-based formats. If you put a spring in your listeners’ step, providing toetappin’, chin-strokin’, chuckle-inducing’ escapism... you should apply within. Outstanding entries in this category will revel in their eclecticism, curating content or features that your subscribers unquestionably consume with open hearts and minds.


Our ‘Best Factual’ category, under a PR-friendly name. From why we need bees to the intricacies of language – entries here should improve our understanding of ourselves and the world in an entertaining and accessible way. Whether your schtick is entertaining trivia or any number of gloriously niche subjects, to become ‘Smartest Podcast’ at the Australian Podcast Awards is to make audiences smarter the longer they stay listening. Outstanding entries in this category will elevate the potentially driest of subjects to unmissable listening, making best use of podcasting’s unique qualities.


Incorporating drama, readings, and ground-breaking new formats for storytelling. Outstanding entries in this category will incorporate production that suits the story/stories and sound design that acknowledges an audience primarily of headphone users. New writing, new talent, new ways of looking at the world – these will be noted favourably. You can submit up to 30mins of audio. This can be in the form of a single piece, or a selection of up to 5 clips. Please also note that you have to have released at least three episodes in the past twelve months to qualify.


Be it a deep-dive into our ancestors or a whistle-stop tour of the twentieth century, the Australian Podcast Awards would like to recognise the work being done by the best podcast historians in the country. Outstanding entries in this category will take care over accuracy and perspective, whilst telling their stories with passion, empathy and relevance


Recognising the shows that entertain children with either high quality storytelling, amazing facts or very silly jokes. Outstanding entries in this category will... educate their audience in an accessible and entertaining manner. Children's podcasts should demonstrate how they engage listeners through format, casting and tone.


Whether you are a business, news and current affairs programme, publishing regular discussion formats or original journalism, we want to hear podcasts that have sought insight into our complex society. Outstanding entries in this category will find new angles on recent events, beyond the headlines and 24-hour news cycles, retaining relevance with an audience beyond the week they were published.


Whether you’re providing a weekly check in for parents everywhere, or something more targeted at a community, we want to hear from shows that tell it like it *really* is, help us overcome those stressful times and give us fresh insights into modern family living. Outstanding entries in this category will showcase new formats and treatments you use to tell your parenting stories – or how long-running shows are keeping their presentation fresh and inclusive.


Recognising the great work being done in sex education and relationship advice; representing a wider variety of sexual experiences than has previously been the case in mainstream media. Outstanding entries in this category will have a high standard of research (whether in terms of guests or subject matter) and presentation that confronts taboos in an entertaining and accessible way.


Showcasing the best self-help and improvement podcasts that focus on positive mental health. Your audio entry should illustrate how you tackle sensitive and sometimes traumatic issues with compassion, and/or provide a toolkit for listeners to apply to their own lives. For the judge’s sake, please add any trigger warnings to your tracklisting.


Maybe you have incisive analysis, exceptional pundits and great access or perhaps the discussion is merely a sideshow to the blossoming, unspoken romance between your contributors. Regardless, if you have a loyal audience and an entertaining show, you should enter. Outstanding entries in this category will be able to demonstrate a fanbase loyal to the podcast beyond the dreams of most sports clubs. Audience size is not a factor: making niche sports accessible to wider audiences would be as valued here as much as any show pegged to a major sporting tournament.


Still one of podcasting's most popular genres, winners in this category will be outstanding in their field. Whether it’s original investigations or pure storytelling, judges will be looking for well-researched programmes, with evocative storytelling and human stories at its heart. Outstanding entries in this category will have crafted a format around the material available, whether that’s archive, original interviews or other techniques, playing with this most established of podcast genres to create something unique.



Recognising the rise of the daily podcast (and all the production resources that may require), this category is for shows whose 24-hour deadlines allow for a different relationship with their listeners. Whether you produce sport, entertainment, news or something else entirely, your entries should reflect how the daily mechanism allows you to produce your best show… and how you maintain your quality every single day.


We want to celebrate the great podcasts being made by First Nations producers and presenters. The podcast can be across any genre, and the nominees will form an essential playlist for all Australians. 

This category is free to enter.


Incorporating interview formats across many topics: from books, to comedy, to health, to human interest. Whether your guests are super famous or just damned interesting... perhaps they’re edited with a light touch, or cut down to size... either way, we want our judges to discover the finest, most compelling, incisive conversation produced this year. Unlike most other categories, entries can either be one extract from a podcast published in the qualifying period, up to 15 mins in length or up to five clips from up to five episodes.


This category is for companies that have a public-facing brand around a slate of shows. Like other categories, your entry should be between three and five clips. This can be from any of your network's podcasts but should demonstrate the range and quality of content you’re producing. In addition, your written submission should detail your success this year, in whichever ways you define that success.


We want to champion the best launch of a show across any genre – if you have managed to start well and keep getting better, tell us how. To qualify, you will have started the podcast – and published six episodes – in 2023 to 24. Outstanding entries in this category will demonstrate the creative potential of the show, through new talent, writing or formats, rather than its current listener reach. Judges will want to label the winner ‘the ones to watch’ and forever claim they were listening from the beginning.



Showcasing the best examples of brand-funded podcasts, where both the editorial and sponsor’s aims are seamless and beneficial… and, above all, make a great listen. Outstanding entries in this category will demonstrate either added value to the brand’s established consumer base, or reach beyond to new audiences. Note – this is for shows created with a brand. Regular podcasts who have worked with a commercial entity on a campaign should enter COMMERCIAL CAMPAIGN.


The Australian Podcast Awards is looking to celebrate the best commercial strategy of the past year. This award will be made to the business, podcast or team that has, in the opinion of the judges, produced the most innovative and successful commercial strategy to support a show outside of the audio they have produced. This could be advertising and sponsorship, commercial brand extensions such as live-shows/merch, subscription strategies and/or commercial partnerships.



This category recognises exceptional hosts (including solo hosts and teams) who demonstrate engaging chemistry, clear communication with their listeners, and command of the microphone. Criteria for this category includes consistency in delivery and presentation, a strong understanding of tone and atmosphere, and informative or engaging conversations. Outstanding hosts or teams will exhibit a dynamic blend of creativity, confidence, and charm to draw listeners into their world.


Calling all new producers and presenters! If you have under two year’s experience in podcasting and doing great things we would like to hear your story. This is a category for individuals rather than a show. In the written section outline your achievements over the last two years, and if relevant attach up to 15mins of audio of your work. Be sure to reference in the track listing your involvement in the audio you include. Entries are welcome for yourself or a colleague. Outstanding entries in this category will include… testimony from audiences and colleagues, as well as showcasing the exceptional impact of your work - either qualitatively, quantitatively or both.


The following categories are not open for entry.


This category honours the podcasts that are producing exceptional listening experiences for niche audiences and those underrepresented in other Australian media. For this award, a carefully curated shortlist of independent podcasts generating less than 5,000 downloads per episode will be compiled by the Australian Podcast Awards team. The shortlist will be given to our judges to choose one standout winner


This is one for the big hitters out there: podcasts with sizable audiences bringing the medium into the mainstream. But which of you is the best, according to our judges? For this award, a carefully curated shortlist of podcasts generating more than 100,000 downloads per episode will be compiled by the Austrlian Podcast Awards team. The shortlist will be given to our judges to choose one standout winner.


Our public poll involves getting your listeners to vote for you, for free, on our website. Last year over 220,000 individuals supported their favourite podcast, with those with the most passionate fans doing the best. Could that be your show? Voting opens in August 2024. To qualify for the Listeners' Choice Award, podcasts must have been available by 1 August 2024 listed in the Apple Podcasts directory. The winner of the competition will be determined by the total number of valid votes received during the voting period. The winner of the vote will be announced during the Australian Podcast Awards in November.



The highest honour of the night, with the winner chosen from the Gold winners of the categories above, so anyone who wins their category has a chance of winning this most prestigious of prizes. Entries in this category will have outstanding presentation, original research or writing, appropriately superb sound design and boundary-pushing material that showcases the very best of what Australian podcasting can achieve.


The Australian Podcast Awards are looking for shows that celebrate the best of the podcast medium, rewarding programmes that create high-quality, episodic content, consumed by their subscribers and podcast app listeners.








*To qualify, the entrant must be an independent or

freelance podcaster, have an Australian registered charity

number or have fewer than 10 full time employees.



Judges will be asked to reward entries with an appreciation of the podcast audience and medium, and that do so consistently. They will consider three areas equally: 


Both of the sound and the content. How have you used sound to tell your story in the best possible way? Is the content interesting, entertaining or engaging and delivered well?


Engage our judges with your best work. Does it stand out in the category? Judges will ask themselves: would this content motivate me to listen to this show on a regular basis?


Podcasting is a medium with low barriers to entry, and with longer engagement than most online media. So we’re looking for treatments, guests and stories that aren’t represented in other media, perspectives that you couldn’t hear anywhere else and specifically material tuned to the podcast listening experience.