he Australian Podcast Awards presents Behind The Podcast. 

It has never been easier to make a podcast and there have never been more podcasts in existence than right now. But how do you make a successful podcast? What do the successful ones have in common? 

Behind the Podcast is a weekly podcast which dives into the stories behind how some of Australia’s most interesting and successful podcasts are created. 

Each episode we hear from the people behind your favourite podcasts, how they started out, their ups and downs, what they have learned and the process behind how they make their show.

 Like ‘How I Built This’ but for Podcasts. It is a celebration of the diversity of Australian podcasts and the people who make them. So if you have a podcast of your own, or even if you just dream about doing one, check out Behind The Podcast. 

A partnership between The Australian Podcast Awards and DM Podcast Production.

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